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WWE SuperCard Hack 2020

WWE Supercard is an extremely addictive card based battle game, which is developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by 2K Games. The game is available for free and can be played on Android and iOS operating systems. It is based on popular WWE characters, wherein you can collect different superstars and use them in battles against opponents from across the world, however it may become difficult that’s why we have developed WWE SuperCard Hack 2020.

WWE SuperCard Hack 2019

If you have a deck of good WWE cards, then you can win the game against any opponent easily. So, you need to focus on assembling a good deck in the game. In order to collect a good deck of cards, you have to accumulate different playable cards by playing matches. You will get two draft picks if you lose a match, and you will receive four draft picks if you win. You can also purchase different card packs by using game currency, which can be acquired by completing different objectives.

Let’s have a look at the important game currencies and other essential factors that are vital for your success in the game:

Energy And Bouts:

Energy is an important component that is required to play significant matches such as King of the Ring. On the other hand, Bouts are points that are required to play different sorts of league matches. There is no way to earn Energy and Bouts in the game. However, they get regenerated over time.

Game Tickets And Credits:

Game Tickets are tokens that will be awarded to you for completing daily tasks. The tickets that you have collected can be redeemed for player cards. Credits are in-game currency, which can be used to purchase different WWE character card packs from the game store or by using WWE SuperCard Hack. Credits are difficult to earn as you get them only when you complete certain objectives specified in the Objectives Menu.

You can buy required amount of Credits with real money in order to assemble a good deck of cards or you can assemble a card deck by working hard. You can even consider using WWE Supercard Cheats for acquiring them in the game. If you want to have a good collection of cards without spending any money then follow the below mentioned tips:

Play Battles:

Playing battles will award you with draft picks. Winners are awarded 4 draft picks while losers are awarded 2. The draft picks mainly contains common and uncommon cards, but if you are lucky then you may also find rare or very rare cards in the draft picks.

Watch Videos:

After completion of each battle, you are given an option of watching an ad-based video in order to receive 4 additional draft picks. So, watch the videos as many times as you can in order to earn additional draft picks. Or you can simply use wwe supercard hack 2019.

Upgrade And Fusion:

If you have two or more similar cards then you can use the extra cards to upgrade your existing cards.  You can also combine different cards in order to create a random strong card by accessing the Fusion option.

If you follow the aforesaid tips, you can surely assemble a good deck of WWE cards. These will give you a competitive edge over other opponents in the game.

WWE Supercard game is very popular among gamers from across the world and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on Android platform. Below mentioned are some of the important features of the game, which are responsible for its popularity:

WWE Battle:

The game brings an intense action packed multiplayer battles wherein the character who has better stats will win the battle. The graphics are extremely attractive, as you can see two player cards fighting with each other in the WWE ring. The winner is purely determined on the basis of your card stats. For example; if two cards are competing on the basis of power then the character that has maximum power will win the match. If you want to win more battles, just consider using our WWE Supercard Hack.

Character Traits:

Each playable superstar has four different abilities, which are mentioned in numbers. These abilities are Power, Toughness, Speed, and Charisma. Your victory and defeat in matches entirely depends on these numbers. For instance; in a match where the required ability is Charisma then a player with better Charisma points will win the match; even if the other player’s card has better Power, Toughness, and Speed Points.

Vast Card Collection:

The game features a vast collection of WWE superstar cards, which can be collected and used in battles. The cards include WWE superstars of almost three decades as you will find characters such as, Andre The Giant, Million Dollar Man, Ric Flair, etc. You can also find popular players such as Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, etc. Moreover, you will even come across current WWE superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, The Miz, etc.

Different Class Of Cards:

Each character card is further divided into different classes; such as, common, uncommon, rare, super rare, very rare, epic, etc. where common is the most basic card and epic version is the most upgraded version of the card. The basis of the game is pretty simple! If you and your opponent have Triple H card, but you have a Rare Triple H while your opponent has an Uncommon Triple H then you will win.

Upgrade System:

You can further upgrade your playable superstars so that you are ready for intense battles that will take place in the multiplayer mode. By upgrading your superstar card, you can increase the vital stats of your character that influences outcome of the battles. You can upgrade your superstar by using the unused superstar cards and upgrade cards, so that your playable superstars are stronger.

League And Event Battles:

Once you reach a certain level in the game, the league and event battle modes are unlocked. You can participate in different league battles and events in order to prove your skills over players from across the globe. The winners in league and event battles are awarded with lots of cool WWE character cards, which can be used in future battles or can be used to upgrade existing playable cards.

Team Battle Mode:

You can participate in team battles by joining an existing WWE Supercard team or create a new team of your own. By joining a team battle, you can access team events, team chats, and team battleground anytime. You can also challenge other players in your team for a friendly match.

All these features make game very addictive and induces gamers to stay hooked to their devices for hours. You should too give it a shot and also try WWE Supercard hack!

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  8. Thank you a lot this tools helped me i generated 50000 credits and bought packs woooo i have great cards now thanks a lot.

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    This tool is awesome. Finally you get something that does what it claims to do and does what it claims to do. Lol!! No SERIOUSLY though I love this tool. It has helped me to stop wasting my hard earned money just to keep trying to get those cards I never get. The game is awesome dont get me wrong. I’ve been playing since season 2. So I’m a bit of an O.G. IF LIKE THE LATE G RE AT DUSTY RHODES SAYS IF YOU WILL BABY!! I highly recommend this. I have told all my friends about this. Even the ones who dont even play. I kid you not I spent literally 3grand in one month on this game. You should have heard my wife!! Whooooo. She was none to happy. And I didn’t even get the tier cards that I was supposed to. Kept getting neon when I should have gotten cataclysmic. Oh and a pair of that fine trish stratus shattered. Yes 3 large gs!! I wanted to faint. I vowed to never spend another penny. Then this tool was discovered. Not only a $$$ saver but a game changer for many who otherwise struggle to stay in the game without getting defeated after defeat. So thank you guys who put this together and made it possible for people like me to save my hard. Earned cash and no fights with the wife. I mean I could have taken my family on a very plush vacation.

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