WWE Supercard – A Complete Mode Guide

WWE Supercard – A Complete Mode Guide

WWE Supercard- A Complete Mode Guide

WWE Supercard is the top trending WWE series published by the Cat Daddy.  The game offers vivid graphics, a variety of interesting modes and many more things for the gamer to get entertained in the spare time.  Basically, WWE Supercard is the based on collecting card to commence the fight with other players.

Additionally, there are total of ten modes in the game such as Wild (added in the season 3), King of the Ring, Road to Glory, People’s Champion challenge (deactivated after Season 2), Ring Domination (added in Season 2), War mode, Team Battleground and lastly the famous mode Money in the Bank (available in Season 2).

Wild Mode Brief

In the wild mode, the gamers have to form a team of four superstars, in which two males and females’ superstars.  You have to select the card from the deck that you unwind between various seasons 1, 2, 3, as well as season 4.  After choosing the best player card, users move towards the match to face off the other player’s team.  Simply, the wild mode is all about choosing the 4 cards in order to face off the opponent’s deck players.

Furthermore, these are normally three matches, each obtaining one point that users need to gain by attaining victory.   Although, if the match tie, then both gamers will earn one point each.  However, if you get equal points in the wild mode matches.  The WWE Supercard will organize the extra match and decide the winner of the game.  To encourage the gamers, the wild modes provide various sorts of rewards and gifts in the form of credits and other items.  Users can also able to attain extra 4 bonus by watching the ads or just use the WWE Supercard hack tools.

Learn About King of the Ring Mode In Detail

The King of the Ring matches is simulated. The gamers construct a deck of eight superstars, 2 rare and 2 supportive cards to identify the tier and rewards.  Most the player participate in the King of the Ring mode, it offers celebrity status if you attain success by defeating each and every participant.  The matches last 10 minutes and a gap of approximately 50 minutes, you can commence the new match.  There is a total of 45 matches organized in the King of the Ring game and gamers have to gain victory in each and every one.

With the enhancing level of the game, king of the Ring mode is transformed dramatically.  The developers of the game have introduced numerous sorts of innovative and unique features for the gamers.  In the present time, you can conveniently split the total of 32 in-game players into four teams.  Each team consists of eight players, which users can take the different modes according to the desire.  As we know that players have to play these modes especially to earn the in-game resources.  However, you can also spend the real money to grow the amount of currency.  But the better option is to follow the basic rules and regulation in order to dominate the game.

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