WWE Supercard Credits – Everything You Need To Know

WWE Supercard Credits – Everything You Need To Know

WWE Supercard – Everything You Need To Know About In-game Currency


WWE Supercard is the latest WWE-themed card collecting based game published by Cat Daddy.  The game offers vivid graphics, numerous modes such as King of the Ring, Money in the Bank, and many more interesting elements.  It is available for both Android as well as iOS platform, so potential users can download it according to their comfort.

In addition, to make the gameplay more exciting, the developers have introduced resources, which they need to obtain in order to survive.  These currencies are available in the form of credits and energy, in which credits are the premium currency of the game.  It is a daunting task to attain this resource.  With the support of the credits, gamers can easily obtain more cards especially the uncommon ones.  Lastly, the energy plays a vital role, which allows the users to allocate the wear out cards without facing too many complications.

What Else You Need To Know About In-game Resources

You might familiar with the primary method to earn the energy i.e. participate in the exhibition matches and attain success by defeating the other players. Winning doesn’t just pop up that easily; gamers are required to collect the better in-game player card to face off the opponent more conveniently.  To encourage the users, the game offers rewards and free gifts in the form of new wrestler cards and some supportive cards such as ladders as well as chairs.  Most importantly, players should concentrate on locating the uncommon category cards rather than normal ones.

Furthermore, don’t utilize the energy right away. The WWE Supercard offers a total of ten modes for the users to get entertained by playing them.  The King of the Ring is the main mode that player wants to play.  It supports the gamers to earn the celebrity status by accomplishing all the challenges offered by the game.  If you are interested to join the KotR mode, then store minimum five energy resources.  Also, 5 is the maximum amount of energy that you can attain at a time.  Utilize it appropriately and dominate the game with ease.

How To Earn Credit Currency?

As mentioned earlier, credits are the premium resource of the WWE Supercard game, which you can attain in two ways.  First of all, by unwinding the free gifts as well as rewards, which users can gain by accomplishing the different sorts of challenge.  On the flip side, gamers can enhance the number of credits with the support of WWE Supercard cheats tool.  Use it wisely and become the top player without facing too many complications.

The game also allows you to obtain the in-game resources by spending the real money. There are a variety of offers are available for instance small credits pack 2$ as well as 50$ 6,500 credits package.  Check out the in-game shop and utilize the real cash by selecting the favorable currencies offers.  Don’t miss the golden chance and attain victory by using the credits to obtain rare cards with ease.

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    I don’t know what I’m doing but is it possible to get some free coins to get better cards from WWE supercard cause I really don’t have the money to pay for any so if its possible I thank you if not thanks for your time.

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