WWE Supercard FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

WWE Supercard FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

WWE Supercard is a 2014 virtual world developed for both Android as well as iOS devices.  It is published by the Cat Daddy for the users to get entertained by enjoying the extreme features.  Basically, this is a card collecting game, in which gamers have to fetch various WWE superstar cards.  To understand the game appropriately, read the given below official FAQs and gain success with ease.

Q: Is gamers will face real WWE superstar in exhibition games?

  • In the game, you are playing against a real person’s card, but AI operates them. This offers the users to have fast uninterrupted gameplay. Perhaps help for the actual head-on-head match will appear in the future, whereas in the present time it’s all controlled by the AI.

Q: How the victory and losses affect the reward system in the game? Is it based on the performance of the match?

  • Well, as we know the game is all about collecting the cards in order to attain victory. This is the sole source available in the game, which supports the users to earn the in-game resource.  So, winning the match is the first priority of each and every gamer.  But rewards and other gifts are not based on the performance, so you can enjoy the game appropriately.  However, potential players can try WWE Supercard hack to attain the enormous amount of currency without facing too many complications.

Q: How the users can earn the credit in the WWE Supercard game?

  • Credit is one of the in-game resources, which support the users to move forward by accomplishing the different challenges of the game. You can obtain the credits by buying them from the in-app purchase menu.  Gamers will directly reach this option when they try to allocate the credits more than they currently

Q: When should you commence a King of the Ring game?

  • It all depends on the tactics of the gamers. If they want to commence gaining the rewards for the upper-level tier, then hold off commencing a King of the Ring game right now.  Before participating in the KotR game, you need to attain the better cards and enhance their level.  Otherwise, users will face disappointment in the end. If the match were shorter, then you will gain the rewards in the fewer amounts. You will also lose tons of sleep trying to manage the squad constantly.

Q: Why players are unable to Train or Combine the cards?  It reflects it’s “Already in use” or “In King of the Ring”.

  • Gamers can’t utilize the cards that are in King of the Ring. This method helps the users to prevent from doing any sorts of action, which results in the blank spot in the player’s deck.  On the flip side, gamers also cannot train the Exhibition deck cards, whereas they are allowed to combine them.

On the whole, read the above mentioned carefully and get rid of your complications in WWE Supercard with ease.

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